White vs. Grimes: You Decide

I loved Breaking Bad. The Walter White character was genius. I can think of no criminal badass that I admire more than the cancer-dying, washed-up high school chemistry genius driving a tenement-on-wheels in his tighty-whitties all the while cooking meth for a living Walter White. But in the end, fighting every step of the way and clearing a wide swath of death and destruction all around, Walter meets his maker leaving a hole in my soul for a badass replacement. Alas, AMC delivers with The Walking Dead.

With the end of the Breaking Bad series, I found myself searching to fill that emptiness in the pit of my stomach for a serious badass role model. I’m not sure The Walking Dead is quite up to par as a full replacement, at least in my humble opinion, for Breaking Bad but it is a damned site better than HBO’s True Blood. Okay, I was into TB for a couple of seasons until it just got way too weird and Sookie far too slutty for my tastes, but I digress. No, The Walking Dead is a very good series and while Deputy Grimes isn’t a badass in the same vein as Walter was, he is still quite the badass. But I never really compared Walter White and Rick Grimes’ badassness until yesterday. You know what I mean, which character could take out the other in a one-on-one battle like, you know, the could Batman take out Superman kind of contest. But yesterday my wife showed me this video and I began to ponder the contest…

I think this is a very funny little rap video. It prompted me to consider for a moment, who would actually win this showdown; Walter White or Deputy Rick Grimes?

Walter, no doubt, is far smarter than Rick. Seriously, Walter is virtually a genius nearly on the order of Albert Einstein. You’re right, Walter and Albert aren’t really in the same intellectual ballgame, but they are in the same ballpark. Walter definitely outsmarted Gustavo and Gustavo was much smarter than Rick, hence Walter is smarter than Rick.

Rick, on the other hand, is good shot. Not just a good shot, but a well-trained Georgia sheriff’s deputy. Moreover, being from Georgia, Rick is a good ol’ boy and everyone knows that Georgia good ol’ boys know how to shoot a gun. Rick prefers to carry the Colt Python, a .357 Magnum that definitely has enough stopping power to take out Walter. Walter’s gun of choice was a .38 Ruger LCR. A good personal protection weapon but no match for a .357 Magnum.

While Walter’s intelligence and Rick’s choice and skills in firearms are obvious, there are so many other factors that will come into play in this battle royale between these virtual contestants for the title of AMC King Badass. So here’s the debate challenge to all of my friends out there and the fans of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead; who would win the ultimate confrontation between Walter White and Deputy Rick Grimes? Post your comments and let’s get this debate going.

– Nate


Where is Nate?

Okay. I admit I have not been a very good blogger. I’ve neglected my duties to those of you that have visited my blog hoping I have posted at least something to entertain or enlighten you. Alas, I have not and for that, I sincerely and with abundant remorse sincerely apologize.

While I make no promises, it is my intent and desire to revitalize my blog for my own mental therapy. I want to update the blog with a new look and some new comments and thoughts. Hopefully, you will come back to see if I’ve kept my promise. If I have, I encourage you to let me know what you think. However, if I fail to do what I am planning, I implore to you let me know. Blast me publicly and let me feel your wrath. 🙂

I’m out of here for now, but I will be back… hold me to that, my dear friends.

– Nate

For All of the Pulp Fiction Fan Wannabes

I am a HUGE Pulp Fiction fan. To be completely honest, the first time I saw the movie all I could mutter at the end of it was WTF??? But, I gave it a second chance and it was then that the timeline started to make sense to me. Then on the third viewing I was able to thoroughly appreciate the creative genius of Tarantino and truly enjoy all of the great one-liners like, “Zed’s dead, baby.”

Many of my friends would like to understand and appreciate the film but just can’t get passed the WTF stage. I believe this is due to the creative twisting of the timeline in the movie. However, I am pleased to provide just the thing for all of the Pulp Fiction fan wannabes out there… a Pulp Fiction infographic! Check it out and join the ranks of true Pulp Fiction aficionados and finally appreciate this incredible movie.

It’s Thursday… Tuesday’s Twin

A repost because it’s Thursday!

The two most seemingly useless days of the work week are Tuesday and Thursday. But, in truth, these days serve a very important purpose: they are transition days to carry us from one milestone weekday to the next. Monday is the beginning of the week and no one likes Mondays. Monday is the official end to our freedom. We are once again back in bondage working for the Man. Monday is the day we realize we are another day older and deeper in debt for we owe our soul to the company store. Okay, for all you youngsters, Google Tennessee Ernie Ford and the song Sixteen Tons. Damn, I am old!

Tuesday carries us from the worst day of the week to the milestone day of Wednesday. Tuesday is the real workhorse of the week. Interestingly, Tuesday seems to be one of the quietest days of the week in terms of meetings for most people. I think it is due, in part, because people are actually trying to get some work done.

Wednesday is our half-way point to the much-anticipated weekend and therefore, we honor that day. We call it ‘Hump Day’ because we have cleared the hump of the week and now it’s all down hill to the weekend.

Thursday is a transitory day that exists only to prevent us from gaining too much happiness momentum going into Friday. It’s like a speed bump preventing us from crashing into Friday with uncontrolled excitement. Thursday is a reminder there is still work to be done lest we get so excited about the winding down of the work week that we get nothing done at all going into Friday. Of course, everyone knows little, if any, real productive work gets done on Friday afternoon. If it weren’t for Thursday, Friday morning would be as unproductive as Friday afternoon.

So, let’s get some work done and pay tribute to Thursday. The very important but often overlooked second transition day of the week.

– Nate


Image courtesy of John Nuttall

How Bad is the Coffee?

I was driving in South Georgia yesterday and went through the small little town of Eastman. The town is fairly typical of the sleepy little rural towns one may find in just about any predominately agricultural area of the South. Most of the architecture, pardon me while I try to give the town some class in my description, gives the feeling the town hasn’t had a facelift since the early seventies. I grew up in a little town not too different than Eastman; except that,

Billboard that reads Coffee Insurance
Just how bad is the coffee in this town?

I am sure Eastman gets hotter and has less for the teens to do in the summer than my hometown in Northeast Georgia.

I am always humored by the little funny things I find in these quiet outreaches of civilization. For Eastman, the source of my rather sudden outburst of laughter came from an old billboard perched atop an otherwise drab, square, off-white painted block building on Oak Street. You see, I had just stopped at the local McDonald’s and grabbed a large cup of coffee. Despite McDonald’s efforts to standardize the taste of their product worldwide, the taste of the coffee in this case was so bad that 6 packets of Splenda and 6 creams were not enough to remove the bitter taste of the excruciatingly hot liquid. So, when I came upon this sign a short distance down the road I couldn’t help but to laugh at the irony of my experience. It seems that even the townspeople realize that the coffee in Eastman, Georgia is so bad that you may need to purchase an insurance policy for some protection and recourse from a seriously bad cup of joe. If, in your travels, you see a sign advertising coffee insurance you shouldn’t ask, how bad is the coffee?

Technologically Intelligent Savings

Nest Learning Thermostat
Nest Learning Thermostat

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of money you shell out each month is to reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home. After such a mild winter we can expect a much warmer summer than normal which means your air conditioning system will have to work harder to keep you comfortable. When your air conditioner works harder, your monthly electric bill will skyrocket. What if your home thermostat could provide technologically intelligent savings year-round?

Nest Labs has the answer with an improved thermostat that can save you significant money on your heating and cooling costs while increasing your coolness points with your friends. The neat thing is this thermostat interfaces with your iPhone or Android device as well as the web. Check out this blog post for more information on the latest version of this powerful money-saving device.

Top Ten Survival Tips for a Post Apocalyptic World

It’s an insanely crazy world we live in. We continually teeter on the precipice of cataclysmic Armageddon. So, how does one ensure one’s survival should all hell break loose? Simple. Follow the top ten survival tips for a post apocalyptic world and you may very well be one of the few, the proud, the remaining.

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When Tuesday is a Monday

Yesterday was July 4th. A day of celebration in whatever fashion an American deems appropriate to remember, give thanks, and otherwise pay tribute to the birth of our great nation.

I spent this holiday with my family, relaxing, and not thinking about the office. I made sure our flag was flying outside the house, I put my favorite little garden sign out front of the house that proclaims, what I believe are the basic, founding tenets of our country: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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